about us

Sincerely Princewill was created by sisters, Sonume Princewill Nnanna and Deinte Dan-Princewill. It is a lifestyle brand focused on finding beauty in all seasons and discovering what makes living better.

We are in pursuit of living our best lives and hope to encourage others to do the same. This platform is about positivity and living with intention - Quality over quantity, experience over mere existence.

We share our most impressionable life experiences as we adjust to our new lives in our home country, Nigeria, after living abroad for over 15 years.

To get a clearer idea on why we started this, check out our premiere post- First of all: Introduction.


         sonume princewill nnanna

  • I’m a Doctor of Jurisprudence. I began my professional career working as a compliance attorney in Houston, Texas.
  • I’m married to my college sweetheart Obi and can’t believe our son Liam is already  ONE!
  • Liam was born on my mom’s birthday, September 6 :-)
  • I LOVE traveling and learning about new cultures.
  • I’m conversant in Spanish and French.
  • I hardly watch any TV, but….LOVE House of Cards and Game of Thrones! #winteriscoming
  • My name means "heavenly melody" in Kalabari - I'm Rivers, Edo and Jamaican.

         Deinte Dan-Princewill

  • I studied architecture at Cornell University and began my professional career in Houston, Texas before moving to New York City.
  • I enjoy working across a spectrum of scales, exploring different medium from graphics to furniture design to art.
  • I love hosting events and especially love dinner parties – themed table settings, a little bit of DIY and amazing conversation? Perfection!
  • I am an avid list-maker, and welcome every opportunity to strategize the next move.
  • I jump at the chance to explore new places. So much to learn from, so much to experience!
  • I don't like to lose in Taboo (and pretty much every other “game”) – So if you’re on my team, one word for you… FOCUS!