First of all: Introduction.

Deinte and Sonume



Guys, it’s happening. Ahhhhh! We are finally launching our lifestyle brand, Sincerely, Princewill. It has been such a long time coming. We’ve been sitting on this concept for about 2 years now?


Yeah, time has flown by. I’ll be honest though, I envisioned this moment of writing our first post a little differently. In my mind, we would be lounging on a beach; legs stretched out, Mac on lap, with a stunning, perfectly blue ocean view as our constant inspiration. Maybe even a mimosa by our sides (you know, in case those creative juices need a jolt every now and then). Eh, not quite the scenario at hand. I’m currently in bed, sitting up stiff with my legs folded – no spectacular view or stimulant close by. And still in pajamas. Yikes. But yet, the cruise has begun… and I'm excited!


Definitely! Where do we start?

For me, this pursuit started when I found myself suddenly living in the South of France. Despite the highlights of that incredibly exciting season,  I got tired of my somewhat lackadaisical approach towards achieving some of my personal goals – and it seriously began to bother me.

It’s one thing to live life reaching milestones
and doing what is expected of you, 
but it’s another thing entirely when you deliberately choose
to maximize your God given potential with both the serious and the not so serious things
– each day.

I simply was just certain I could live better, do better and be better – and I got to a point where I was willing to do something about it. I could only imagine the fulfillment it would bring – when I did more doing rather than just thinking or talking.

But something was still missing, so I waited… and waited. I remember stumbling on a quote that literally jolted me into introspection:

Perfectionism is an excuse.
Perfectionists are procrastinators in disguise.


Here I was, sitting on a concept that I hoped would enable me and others push limits and be better versions of ourselves and the very vice I was hoping to tackle appeared to be getting the best of me.

If only I could gulp a monumental dose of aggressive deliberateness and prolificacy, so my overall productiveness could be “on a hundred.”

Sincerely, Princewill - Sonume and Deinte


Sonume, your word choices on their own are on a hundred. I appreciate the lyrical genius in you! But you see how our God looks out for us, right? That thing you knew was missing… was cleaaaarly me. 

Earlier that year, I had been working on a separate project and had reached a stumbling block. And as if God had planned it himself, it occurred to us (almost simultaneously) that what was missing from both of our ideas was each other.

As corny and dramatic as this might sound, it's so true. The quote that had slapped her in the face was applicable to the both of us.

Procrastination is such a little monster.

We contemplated, scrutinized and deliberated some more… And not too long after… Ta da! We decided to co-create and birth what we now call Sincerely, Princewill.

Our original ideas have gone through quite a few alterations along the way, but the underlying theme remains the same:

Sincerely, Princewill is a platform
to share impressionable life experiences
as we consciously try to find what makes living better.

It’s about positivity and living with intention. 
Quality over quantity, experience over mere existence.


Dein and I are both very similar, yet so different. We hope to leverage on our strengths and abilities and use our skills to compliment each other.


Sonume is the fun-loving, stylish lawyer who is married to the hilarious giant, Obi. They have THE happiest son on earth, Liam. I might be a little biased, but my nephew is all that aaaaand a bag of grapes. Yeah grapes, they’re his favorite… but I digress. She’s the responsible first child of our family. The one who’s always up to date on politics, always knows the right outfit to wear to what event, gives the best advice (regardless of the topic at hand… trust me), and is constantly trying out new recipes and chef-ing it up in the kitchen.



Dein is my biggest little sister. When my mom brought her home from the hospital it was love at first sight. It’s such a blessing we would totally be BFF’s even if we weren’t related. She is a creative genius -an architect obsessed with any and everything surrounding design - from spaces to objects and graphics. She’s a killer artist and can literally draw you right now, doing whatever you’re doing… to the Tee! She’s incredibly bright, knows the words to the most ratchet rap songs (smh) and loves to get her dance on whenever the spirit moves. 


Together we pray that Sincerely, Princewill will encourage us to live our best lives and we hope our readers will gain some inspiration to do the same.

Live a more deliberate and well-curated life: 
Shift from being controlled by the speed of what’s going on
around us and instead take a more intentional stance
on our actions and decisions. 


Even, hourly.

We hope to embrace healthier habits and find beauty in each season. We’re not about simply focusing on the glamorous (though we sure appreciate this), but the idea is to strive to consistently live a life of purpose, discovery, growth and renewal.

When you find yourself a bit nervous about a new journey it’s easy to think,

“What if I fall?”

Oh, “but my darling, what if you fly?”

We really look forward to connecting with you. Please leave comments, send us a message, suggestions and actively support us by liking and sharing our page! And wait a minute.….SUBSCRIBE! We'd love to keep you in the loop!

Sincerely, Princewill