Cuba Part 3: Good Vibes Only.

To Trinidad or Not To Trinidad? 

That is the question.

D: Ok so you know how I said we planned this trip fast, right? Don’t judge, but it came back to bite us. We had planned to spend one night in Trinidad, Cuba to see the beaches, amazing waterfalls and cobbled streets. We really thought it was right around the corner, but uh, it was more like 4 hours away. Yikes. We hadn’t seen all we wanted to see in Havana yet though, so decided to cancel the Trinidad trip and stay.

The problem now was we were homeless?! Well... Not quite. We could technically book our hotel for another night, BUT since we wanted to stay in a Casa Particular all along, this was our chance! We huddled up in the hotel lobby to use the expensive wi-fi and found ourselves one in old Havana.

Best. Decision. Ever. 

We decided on Casa Vitrales, which was the cutest town house on a delightful street, walking distance from almost everything (And it had a plethora of outlets to charge electronics – It’s funny the things we take for granted!) Breakfast on their rooftop would be the perfect start to any day. 

Rain, Rain, you don’t have to Go Away.

Whenever we needed to go a distance (Like to Casa De La Musica, Havana's premiere dance spot) we rode snazzy, old American taxis to our destinations. For about 20 miles it costs around 5 cucs - The equivalent of about 5 Dollars or 1,500 Naira. And even that was negotiable, so as true Naijas we bargained even lower like serious professionals.

S: Dein, are you sure you were seriously bargaining? Seems far fetched, seeing as I'm usually the one that helps you out. Lol

D: You really couldn't just let me have this one. Fine.. Meks and Ife were the true G's. I sha supported. I'm working on those skills.


In one particular taxi ride, we had an experience to remember.

Picture us hailing down a bright blue Classic 1950's American Convertible - Pretty fancy on the outside, but eh... just all right on the inside. We had managed to bargain with the driver down to just THREE cucs, so we were feeling quite proud. Although the car was pretty old, the car had banging, state of the art speakers... complete with bass, vibrancy, everything.

As usual in Havana, music was blasting. 
From real salsa to Enrique Iglesias to Justin Bieber, 
this driver had aaaaall the jams.

But get this… We’re about two minutes into our ride and it starts to rain. Not drizzle, not a slight sprinkle, but a real downpour.

So far we had been enjoying the breeze with the top down, feeling very cool with ourselves, but now motioned to our DJ/ driver to help us close it.

He starts to laugh and shake his head.


Apparently the top was stuck. And by stuck, I mean we were also now stuck... with the rain slapping us.

We just looked at each other and burst out laughing. What else could we do??

We continued singing, jamming
and getting drenched.


S: I still can't believe you don't have any pictures of that. Come on!  

D: Sorry, the rain was not the kind of rain you bring cameras out. Just imagine. It was actually pretty epic. Now I'm trying to live by this Good Vibes Only motto. I wonder how this will go when I'm back in Naij! 😳😂