A year already?


My baby boy is turning one in a few days and I can’t even pretend I’m not excited. I FaceTimed his 5 and 3 year-old cousins last night and one of them asked in the cutest voice,

“Aunty Sonume if Liam isn’t 1 yet, is he zero?!” 

That cracked me up! Well I’m glad Liam will no longer be zero and we can start counting in years now. No more monthly photo shoots on the 6th of every month even though I must say I enjoyed those. My favorite was when I tried to position Liam for his 6 month photo shoot and this happened.






Looking back on the past year elicits all kinds of emotions. I recognize that no matter how many questions you ask or how many books you read, nothing prepares you enough for motherhood until you actually experience it yourself.

When I would hear horror stories about moms not getting any sleep, I would legit freak out. I don't joke with my sleep o. I’m the chick who can take a quick nap at the club and calmly wake up and start dancing again like nothing happened lol. 

I’d like to call my sleep abilities a gift. In high school when I volunteered as a kindergarten teacher, I would read stories to the kids right before their “nap time” and would find myself falling asleep in the process. LOL it's safe to say I love sleep. So how was I going to cope with a crying baby at night?!

But 1 year later, I’m still standing. I’ve learned so much from my little super boy.

Motherhood wasn’t easier than I expected. But it has been filled with the most humbling, most frightening, most amazing moments. From not being sure whether my baby was actually smiling or just farting to witnessing real smiles and laughs.


Watching Liam learn to hold his head up and eventually learning how to sit up on his own. The pride my husband and I had when he kind of started crawling, even though it was backwards lol

Waking up randomly to make sure he was still breathing, watching him crawl faster than a speeding bullet across the room and realizing I can’t keep up with him when I tried to crawl-race him. Baby knees don’t seem to feel pain.

Watching him learn to stand and the immense joy in my heart when he took his first steps. And how can I forget some scary moments where he actually hit his head or fell off the bed smh. 

The emotional rollercoaster and learning curve experienced in the first year of parenthood is no joke. So like most parents with an almost 1 year old, the question has been how do I celebrate my baby’s 1st birthday? Do I celebrate in a little or big way?

Regardless of the choice of celebration, I think we can all agree the first year is a huge milestone!


I’ve promised myself we won’t be splurging but what I do want is for everyone to be happy. I will be DIYing a few things for fun. We’re going to have a dance competition, play musical chairs, pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey and any of those other fun games we played as kids. Do people still play these games? I even want them to play that song I’ve only heard at Nigerian birthday parties. In the strongest Naija accent..

Oooooo yeah, I wish you Appy Betday,
oooooo yeah and a many many Appy re-TONS


I’m doing the moon walk just thinking about it. But on the real though, the most important thing about Liam’s first birthday isn’t the party but about how blessed and incredibly grateful we are to God for reaching this milestone.

Let the countdown begin!