NAIJA, we here.


“Babe, I spoke to Abel and he’s assisting me with my NYSC registration.”

"Wait, what? You’ve hit him up already?"

“Yes, now. We discussed this last night. I’m almost done registering. I should request to take some time off from work today, abi?”

"Today? Wait…hold up. WHAT?"

"Be there WHATing, we’re moving to Nigeria #winteriscoming." Lol

I would typically laugh at all my husbands' Game of Thrones #winteriscoming references, but not this time. Lol I was still half way in shock.

I mean fine, we had discussed moving for years, but was this actually happening?

"Wait, so are you trying to get Lagos or Abuja? And the plan is for what? Next year?"

"We’ll shoot for Abuja."

He knew he was freaking me out a little, but we had procrastinated about moving for so long. My poor husband was ready.

Fast forward a couple of months and that’s how I find myself on a plane - excited, nervous, scared, but overall quite optimistic about a new season.


Sure, I know quite a number of people who have moved back home after college or a masters program, but I really didn’t know too much about a young family moving back after being abroad for so many years. What would the adjustment be like?

We would have to get a new apartment... or a new house? A new pediatrician? What about a new job? Ugh, no this would actually mean going back to law school? Nigerian Law School! Almost everything seemed to require some thinking and strategizing. Where was I going to get my dulce de leche-banana-nutella crepes??? At this stage I was eating this almost every day. These were serious things to consider!

Well, there's no point looking back now cause Naija, we here! Lol

I’m still not sure if I’ve made the biggest mistake moving back now or the best decision of my life. Lol but either way I’m determined to enjoy Naij, savoring every moment, which would hopefully be a shock absorber to any frustration. Lol I’m joking. 

So for anyone who may be curious about the transition stage and adjustment into Naij society, I plan on documenting snippets of my most impressionable experiences. Nigeria’s going to be a blast! It kind of already has been so far.

Sha, wish me luck!