How to be a life enthusiast.

Recently, I became a self-proclaimed life enthusiast. As in, I literally decided one day and proceeded to update my IG bio to make my new title official. Yup.

After that IG declaration, I've surprisingly gotten a few messages asking, 'Uh Deinte, what is a life enthusiast anyway?'

Well, it's not a job I get paid for alongside my architect/ designer roles. But I strongly believe in speaking things into existence, so although typed into my bio on a whim, I use it almost as a reminder to intentionally work on improving and becoming a better me, making the most of this life I was given.

Here's a list of qualities I believe a life enthusiast strives to embody. It was inspired by BePaulin through her Living Thoreauly Blog. Everything on the list is easier said than done, but I believe the key word is strive - To constantly strive to be better and to be present. 


1. Be thankful. 

Thankful for each day. For each opportunity. For all the people we meet. For chances to grow and learn. For being alive, in this body, on this earth, surrounded by beauty. Thankful for it all.

2. Find beauty. 

... in the world, even (especially) in things we consider ordinary. This can be hard, but sometimes we just need to dig a little deeper. There's always beauty to be found in every situation.

To embody beauty myself. To feel and tell myself (bad hair day or not) that I am beautiful. And most importantly to let others shine in their unique beauty.

3. Be compassionate.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Embrace their quirks, flaws and strengths. Let them be themselves. Most importantly don't live life trying to impress people, just do you.

4. Smile. 

A kind, genuine smile goes a long way, it's easy. Laugh, wholeheartedly. It's sometimes so refreshing to laugh. Let others join in and be a part of your joy. 

5. Compliment.

Don’t just say something because you think you should say something nice, mean it. If you’re thinking something say it, it’s really not hard. 

In Naij especially, people can come off annoyingly unfriendly. I mean, sitting across from each other everyday without exchanging one word, for example. I've learnt that all this unfriendliness can be dissipated with just a few words, People tend to relax a bit when you prove to them it's not that deep! Chilllll. 

A simple ‘I like your hair girl,’ ‘You look stunning today,' 'Ooh, love the beard.’ all go a long way.

6. Be Happy.

Make the choice to be happy. It’s a lifetime commitment, each day reaffirm your choice. This physical experience is temporary and short. You never know when it will end. You have the choice of how your experiences feel. Would you rather be miserable or happy? It doesn’t have to be obnoxiously in your face happy. Life throws you challenges, but think about your reaction to these challenges. Life is really perception. Our own individual perceptions of the world around us. Challenges are an opportunity for us to be creative. Use our beautiful imaginations and dig deep to listen to our intuition. Go with the flow and waves of life. Learn and grow from each experience. Become better and better. The world needs happy people, give it what it wants, be content in this moment that you have enough and life will be okay. Stop reaching beyond and sit in this moment. Truly be there. Hear, touch, feel and taste the world around you. Breathe it in and let it be enough. Let yourself be enough.

7. Dance.

This might be my fave. Regardless of where I am, supermarket or work conference, with music playing or not, even slight body movements put me in a better mood. You can’t do it wrong, it is your feelings. It’s you. Be vulnerable. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. To dress differently. To sing. To paint. To write. Whatever way you can express and share your story and what’s in your heart. Others may criticize, but really we respect others who are vulnerable, even though we’re often afraid to be vulnerable ourselves. You are unique, don’t waste it.

8. Love. 

It may be cliché, but truly I’ve learned love is all there is and it’s always an option. Just like happiness, we can choose to be loving. Don’t be afraid to love yourself and to love others. When it’s not there, fears creep in, judgement, bitterness, jealousy. Be a beacon for love and light up this life.

9. BE!

Ooh the power of just being. It seems so simple, but not many of us have it mastered.  We’re living in rewind or fast-forward. We’re looking around for something else. Trying to prove ourselves. To make something of our lives. To impress others. To be perceived as perfect. To have the dream life. We’re so busy planning our lives and ensuring our futures that we forget to do it now. Live now. Be present now. That’s all there is. The future is not guaranteed. We are all going to die. It’s inevitable. After birth, we all head towards death. This is our one chance. Why waste it? Live your life now.

I am a life enthusiast - An exuberant work in progress constantly striving for the best.

Are you? Which points on my list come easy or difficult? Any point I missed? Would love to hear from you!

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