The Royal Toast: Intro.


Why toast?

Growing up in a family of 8, dining together at the table was (and still is) extremely important to us. It was a time to discuss every ones day, goals, world happenings and new findings. Any and every topic was on the table - Pun intended. Lol Every day the topics of discussion varied, but growth and laughter stayed consistent.

At one dinner that stands out in our minds, dinner convo had started out discussing the importance of a well-balanced education and only God knows how, but we ended up discussing whether children of divorced parents should be given the right to divorce their parents if they choose to. Loool yes, our parents were at the table. And yes, they also took part in this discussion. At some point, one of our sisters, 6 years old at the time, even asked, “Would the kids get to demand they want half too?!”



As both of our parents are lawyers, it was very important to them that their 5 daughters and son knew their opinions were not just relevant, but worth expressing. Well, as long as they were well thought out and delivered with respect. Lol

Sonume, Sonate and Oreymi were the ones with the quickest mouths, always ready with brilliant and often witty comments and comebacks. You know the type that finish their opponents fast, all while keeping it cool with a smile on. Deinte, Daniba, Goba might have been more on the quiet side growing up, but we knew whenever it was time, all that was needed was a moment (or three) to think, which would result in a come back armored with something solid!

The point sha, was that coming with different personalities and unique interests, dinner everyday was the furthest from boring and regardless of your stance, your perspective is worth proclaiming.

Every Dan-Princewill dinner would start with a prayer and almost always end with some variation of a toast – thanking or recognizing one of us, all of us, an event… something. We always found one reason or another to give elaborate speeches and celebrate.

Although we’re all growing up and currently in different continents, countries and states, we want to keep the lifestyle of always finding reasons to be thankful.

Yes, life is definitely not always easy. There is always some issue, some tribulation, some something to overcome. But the idea is within this hectic world you can always find an amazing moment, whether big or small that is worth commemorating.

Welcome to The Royal Toast! - A subset of Sincerely Princewill that encourages reflection, contentment and celebration.

Join us as we make our first toast, to these last few months of sunshine and good vibes >> Here’s to Summer Sixteen!